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Fundraiser Reward Programs

Fundraising reward programs can be very simple to implement. It can be as easy as providing a pizza party that all students selling a certain level get to attend. Other fundraiser reward ideas include providing a chocolate bar to each student that sells at least one item or having one larger item, like a bicycle, that is won by the student selling the most items. Through our many years of helping organize school fundraisers, we have seen some excellent ideas by the PTO or PTA members in charge. Some ideas that don't cost anything to implement for students achieving certain sales goals are:

  • Provide an extra recess
  • Allow students to wear their pajamas to school for a day
  • Allow students to wear hats or other items normally prohibited
  • Have a movie party
  • A special art or music program
  • Attendance at a special field trip

If you have additional ideas that you would like to contribute to us, please use our contact us form and let us know your thoughts. We are always happy to have creative people contribute to the success of young people trying to raise money for their school or organization.

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