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School Fundraiser for You is the ultimate source for raising funds for your school using custom embroidered or silk screened apparel. Selling custom apparel is a great way of fundraising that provides the consumer with a product that is more useful to them than cookie dough, wrapping paper or other common fundraising items. People within your community will be proud to support their local school by purchasing shirts and hats that they can wear to local sporting events and around town with pride.

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Fundraising with apparel provides an opportunity for your school to earn huge profits. You can easily earn $500 with as little as 100 units sold and $6,750 with 1000 units sold. While 1000 units may sound like a lot, 100 students selling just 10 items each would quickly get you to the 1000 unit level. To enhance the likelihood of this happening, providing an incentive program whereby students receive a free shirt each time they sell a particular number of items (such as 10), really motivates the students and increases sales rapidly.

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We provide everthing you need to make your fundraiser a success! From custom designed color order forms to individually wrapping the orders by student, we make sure that the fundraiser takes as little of your time as possible. Our goal is to provide you with a positive experience that not only raises a lot of money for your school, but that required very little effort on your part.

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The best part of the fundraiser is that you have no up front costs. When the fundraiser is started, you set a date by which all order forms must be returned. The students will provide payment when they turn in their order. You will be billed for the merchandise ordered after you have already collected the funds!

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